The Deep Blue Sea Nursery School

A Traditional Approach

The Deep Blue Sea is a traditional Nursery School for our Beluga graduates over two years old.

Our mission is to provide a solid foundation for your child's growth and development in their formative years prior to Kindergarten. Our Nursery School setting celebrates the importance of imagination and exploration in a child's everyday life.

Multiage Classrooms

Our smaller, multiage classrooms provide an optimal learning opportunity that mimics the modeling and respect that comes along with family life. This set up instills leadership skills for the older children, and allows the younger children the ability to accomplish more challenging tasks. 

Nature/Play Based Curriculum

The Deep Blue Sea uses a researched based curriculum that incorporates Nature and Play activities that best fosters imagination and cognitive development. The thrill of unpredictable manipulatives and seasonal changes in the natural environment promote a wealth of knowledge and growth! 

Amazing Food Menu 

Nutrition continues to be a priority for the developing brains of children. Our home made menu utilizes high quality whole foods, the majority of which are local and/or organic and non-processed. The menu includes flavorfully seasoned ancient grains, seasonal vegetables, and high protein foods. 

WE PROVIDE a calm and tidy environment for your young child’s sensitive learning needs. Our classrooms have a cozy home-life feel. The purposeful color palette continues throughout the center, creating continuity and peacefulness.

WE PROVIDE purposeful, teacher directed learning opportunities for physical, emotional and cognitive growth. Children are encouraged to watch, assist, learn and produce amazing results with our lesson plans.

WE PROVIDE an amazing indoor play center that incorporates different modules of center learning activities promoting cooperation and socialization. Our outdoor play yard includes real-life exploratory activities such as planted vegetable gardens, a Zen sand garden to rake, a mud kitchen, musical wall, sensory pathway, an outdoor classroom and chalkboard and also a real life size boat for the Deep Blue Sea youngsters!

WE PROVIDE the ability for parents to share in their child’s day. Our software provides an app that will send parents and family members phone updates and photos of their child’s activities as they happen throughout the day.