Baby Beluga’s Infant Nursery

A Traditional Approach

Baby Beluga is a Nursery just for babies under two!

Our mission is to provide parents peace of mind knowing that their little one will be meticulously cared for and affectionately loved. We are committed to the growth and happiness of every precious child entrusted into our care!  

Hush Little Baby

A unique chi flows through Baby Beluga's Nursery. The cleanliness, calmness and hushed lullabies are intended to pamper all facets of your baby's sensory needs.

1, 2, Buckle My Shoe

Baby Beluga will carefully foster and monitor the maturity of your baby's physical, emotional and cognitive milestones using researched-based curriculum.

Sugar & Spice

Our all-inclusive nursery will bring peace of mind and ease the daily stress of our working parents. Rest easy knowing that Baby Beluga provides the best of everything for your baby!

Baby Beluga is All-Inclusive

WE PROVIDE a delicate atmosphere for your child’s sensitive sensory needs. Our nursery has a soft and serene color palette with music playing throughout the center. We have separate sleeping rooms that are located outside of their busy classroom.

WE PROVIDE purposeful, teacher directed learning opportunities for physical, emotional and cognitive growth. We offer an amazing indoor playroom as well as a nature based play yard which coincides with our researched based curriculum.

WE PROVIDE all of your baby’s daily diapering needs including cloth diapers, diaper covers, cloth wipes and Lusa Organic diapering products. We also supply their personal items such as sleep sacks, blankets, bedding, and bibs.

WE PROVIDE a flavorful food menu that is created in our own kitchen. The vast majority of our menu is organic whole foods. We use ancient grains, seasonal vegetables and limit processed foods. At the age of one, the meals and snacks include organic whole milk.

WE PROVIDE the ability for parents to share in their child’s day. Our software provides an app that will send parents and family phone updates and photos of their child’s activities as they happen throughout the day.